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Fishing by Members will be allowed on Association Property subject to the following regulations:

1. Licensing: A valid Missouri State Fishing License is a requirement of all Members and guests between the ages of 16 and 65 while fishing at Riss Lake.

 Online Missouri Fishing License

2. Method of Catch: Fish may be taken by rod and reel or pole and line with a maximum of two (2) lines per person. All other fishing methods are prohibited unless specific approval is obtained from the Board of Directors.

3. Size and Limits: Specific species limitations are as shown in Appendix A.

4. Prohibited Activities:
a. Fishing from the dam is not permitted.
b. Spear fishing is not permitted.
c. No person shall throw or deposit into the lake any material for the purpose of creating man-made reefs, fish habitat or fish spawning places without the permission of the Association.
d. A hole in the ice for fishing shall not be permitted.
e. No shelter or structure shall be allowed on the ice.
f. Trout lines, unattended line, bank lines and bottle lines shall not be allowed.
g. Skating, walking or any other activity on the frozen lake or ponds is not allowed.
Revised 5/06 - 3 -

5. Rules and Regulations: The Rules of the Missouri Department of Conservation will be applied to all practice and procedures not otherwise defined by this document.

Fishing Limitations - Appendix A

Bass - Daily limit is 6, release 12-15 inches

Walleye - Daily limit is 4, keep 15 inches and larger                                            

Catfish - Daily limit is 10, keep 12 inches and larger

Blugill - Daily limit is 50, keep 5 inches and larger

White Crappie - Daily limit is 30,  no size limitations

White Amur** (Grass Carp) -  protected, release all

Daily limits are based on the current Summary of Missouri Fish Regulations, 1995, Missouri Department of Conservation. Any future changes that are made to the daily limits by the Department of Conservation will also apply to Riss Lake.

** Grass Carp were stocked for the purpose of aiding in the control of weeds and aquatic plants in the lake. If caught, they must be returned to the lake unharmed. Revised 5/


1. Boats Allowed: Hull length of any boat not to exceed 20’ 6”. To be on the lake, boats must be kept in good repair.

2. Motors: No internal combustion engines shall be used on any waterway, except on rescue, police boats or maintenance craft.

3. Permit: No person shall place, launch, anchor, keep or operate any vessel upon Association property without a current annual permit properly affixed to each such boat. Only boats owned by Members may be operated on Riss Lake. In order to receive a boat permit, a Member must:
a. Make proper payment for each boat permit sticker required for
registration; and
b. Member must remain a member in good standing.

4. To Obtain Permit: Members shall obtain permit stickers from the management company office during normal business hours. Permits are issued on an annual basis. Boat fees and penalties are established by the Board of Directors. See Appendix B for current fee schedule. All previous year’s permits shall be removed. New permits shall be installed to allow viewing on the front right side of the boat.

5. Operating Rules:
a. Guests may operate a Member’s boat provided the Member or a person of the Member’s immediate family is present in the boat. Boats owned by guests are not allowed on Riss Lake.
b. The laws of the State of Missouri and the United States Coast Guard apply to the operation of water craft on Riss Lake.

6. Launching, Storage and Temporary Parking of Boats: Boats must be launched from designated launching ramps. Ramps shall not be occupied for more than 10 minutes following the launching or removal of a boat. Boats may not be left overnight in a launch area or parking lot adjacent thereto. All boat trailers and boats in designated launch areas must display a boat permit sticker. Boats shall not be left on the lake or shore overnight, except in their assigned slip at the marina.

7. Removal and Storage of Neglected Boats: The Board of Directors reserves the right and authority to direct the Management Company to remove and store, at the sole cost and expense of the Member, any boat and/or trailers that has been abandoned or in a neglected condition at the marina, shoreline or parking lot.


Swimming in the lake is not permitted.


1. Marina Slip Rental Agreement: Lease Agreements for marina slip rental are available at the management company office. If no slips are available, a waiting list will be established. Priority for assignment of slips and placement on a waiting list will be established by the date in which calls are received at the management company office.

2. Space Fee and Renewals:  See Appendix B.

3. Marina Maintenance: The site shall be kept free of trash, rubbish, cans, etc. by the Member to whom the space is assigned. No picnic tables, ovens or furniture of any kind are to be stored upon the site unless placed there by the Association for the benefit of the members or approved by the Association on a case by case basis. Boats, automobiles, trailers and other personal property shall not be stored on access areas or on walking areas of the boat docks.

4. Space Termination: The Board of Directors may terminate a space assignment for the following reason:  Failure to comply with any part of these rules and regulations governing use privileges. Decisions of the Board of Directors on these matters will be final.

5. Transfer of Marina Spaces: Marina spaces are not transferable with the sale, transfer or lease of real or personal property to a new owner or occupant. Such a change in ownership or occupancy requires that the prior owner or occupant vacate the previously assigned space and remove all personal property from same.

6. General Rules: All guests must be accompanied by a Member when using the marina. Members are responsible for informing their children and guests of these rules and regulations:
a. The Association is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.
b. Shoes must be worn on marina.

Rules for Marina Slip Renters
1. Make sure your boat is secured far enough into the slip (pontoon boats) so that no part of the craft extends beyond the end of the dock. There should be no reason why motors or props would extend beyond the end of a slip since all wells are 24’ long and the Association restricts boats that are longer than 20’6”. If your boat protrudes beyond the end of your dock, we’ll check the length to make sure you are in compliance.
Revised 5/06 - 5 -

2. If you have a full slip, make sure your boat is tied on all four corners so that it does not move around in the well and damage the bumpers, or your boat.

3. If you use your boat infrequently please check it weekly to make sure it is anchored properly and the power connection is secure (if any).

4. Do not attach or store any articles on the concrete walkways around the marina.

5. Please do not cut bait, clean fish, etc. on the concrete decking since it will be permanently stained.

6. Please keep all trash and debris out of the lake and picked up around the marina.

Fee Schedule - Appendix B

Marina Slip
Marina slip yearly fee is $900.00 for one 24’X11’8” slip (full slip), and
$500.00 for one 24’X5’9” slip (one-half slip).  Marina slips are leased on a yearly basis.  The above fee is levied in addition to the annual property assessment and
is intended as a USER FEE.

Canoe Cribs
The canoe crib yearly fee is $200.00. Canoe cribs are leased on a yearly
basis.  The above fee is levied in addition to the annual property assessment and
is intended as a USER FEE.

Boat and Trailer Permits
Boat and trailer permit annual fee is $20.00 each. All boats operating on
Riss Lake must display a current boat permit.  Follow the link below to submit your yearly paperwork and fee for registration.

Boat Sticker Form.doc

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