Riss Lake Fishing Club

Welcome to Riss Lake!

The Riss Lake Fishing Club seeks to encourage the preservation and enjoyment of Riss Lake by all members of our community. To provide opportunities for families and individuals to participate in events which promote the long-term health of our lake. To give children and adults an opportunity to learn about fishing and meet others who enjoy the sport.

Taking Care of the Lake

The fishing club takes an active role the care and maintenance of the lake. This takes the following forms:

1. Spring and Fall lake clean-up. Volunteers typically meet-up on cool Saturday mornings with rubber boots, gloves and in some cases waders. Prefer not to get in the muck, no worries. Bring your boat or help a team by providing support on a boat helping the shore team. The Spring and Fall times provide great access to the shoreline for the removal of trash and debris without disrupting the vegetation.

2. Fish habitat maintenance. After the Christmas holiday there are an abundance of trees that are ready to be repurposed as great fish habitat. The club and volunteers work together to stage the trees one marina ramp where they are prepared and sunk in the lake so the fish will have fresh habitat for the Spring and Summer.

3. Missouri Department of Conservation has been actively working with the fishing club to come and perform fish surveys of the lake. This is done by using a specialized boat that temporarily stuns the fish with an electrical current and allow the conservation officers to take the fish onto their boat where they are counted, sized and checked for abnormalities. The results of these surveys then provides data as to the health of the fish population and what steps should be taken to ensure the future health of the fish population in the lake.

Staging & Preparing


Off to create new fish habitat

Stocking the lake

As the leaves begin to change so do the fish! Each fall the neighborhood stocks the lake with trout of all sizes. These fish do not naturally reproduce in a habitat like Riss Lake but will thrive through the winter months and into the late Spring season.

Kids Fishing Day

This annual event focuses on kids and the next generation of anglers. The fishing club provides all of the bait and tackle to get the good times rolling! Members of the club are here to help and make sure everyone has a successful fishing adventure.

Pizza Party

At noon there is usually a pizza party with ice cream, soda and water.

Water Balloons & Squirt Guns

Top of the day when it gets hot the kids get to throw water balloons and squirt water at the fishermen on the pontoon boat.